D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 1

D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 1 English Dub is an Episode from the Anime: D.Gray-man Hallow. Watch more episodes of D.Gray-man Hallow English Dub online at OtakuDub.

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  • xsile

    Cant seem to get this video to load/cache.

  • NightMaric

    @xsile:disqus It Seems To Load Fine For Me But Servamp Ep 3 Won’t Load For Me

    • Arctic Winter

      Yea, it’s one punch man episode three that doesn’t load for me D:
      And also the side chat doesn’t work lol

      • NightMaric

        funny thing is one punch man ep 3 works for me so does side chat just not that servamp ep. xD

  • NightMaric

    Rn Im Just Happy That This Anime Got Dubbed xD